Ways gaming is good for you

01/03/2011 - 9:55am GMT
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Games are often given bad press by the mainstream media, but playing some of them can actually be quite beneficial. Here are some of the proven and not so proven ways games can improve your life.

Games used as training tools

Scientists have proved that video games are an excellent training tool. The University of Colorado Denver Business School found that students who trained on video games do their jobs better, have higher skills and retain information for longer than their peers.

Educational games

Ever play Sim City at school and think it was just a bit of fun? Well, these days educational games are big business, used at school and in the home. Whether you're just starting out in life or studying for exams, there's a game for almost everything.

History in games

Some games like to play around with the facts of history, but others pay huge attention to the small details. SEGA's Total War series has dealt with Feudal Japan, Ancient Rome and the Napoleonic Wars among others. Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed II includes additional information on key buildings from the Italian Renaissance.

Moving is better than sitting on the couch

Right, so it's been proven that playing Wii Fit isn't as good as going to the gym, but compared to just idly sitting on your couch it's a hell of a lot more active. Numerous games on the market include workout routines to help you get into shape.

Learn some fly moves

Dancing isn't easy, but with the plethora of dancing games on the market you can practise in your home before hitting the clubs. It even includes a dance school. Dance Central for Kinect is our pick if you really want to learn some routines, but the Just Dance series on the Wii is good too.

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